Are You In A Karmic Relationship?

If you’re reading this then yes, you are in a karmic relationship.

You are on planet earth.

And unless you live in a cave high up in the mountains with no friends or family or contacts then yes, you’re in a karmic relationship. So let’s define karma. Most people think of it as some kind of payback system, like “you’ll get yours”.

It’s a bit more than that.

We have karmic debt and karmic credit.

Meaning you either owe someone or you’re owed. And its not until this karma has been worked through that you don’t need to be on the karmic journey through life here on Earth.

We carry our soul karma in our energetic field. So what you sense in someones energy field is partly what their soul has carried into this lifetime as well. It’s not a checklist some external God has and we have to keep doing good to erase that list.

It’s with us all the time in our energy field.

So our karmic fields draw to us other souls and situations that resonate with our karma. Souls are energetically drawn together and unconsciously play out past life scenarios together. After all history repeats itself until its been worked through and healed.

Our relationships in this lifetime are the tip of the iceberg. What presents itself is only what is on the surface and what is under the water level is our eternal ongoing relationship with that soul.

Our karmic relationships are designed to achieve unconditional love. Whether you work through this together or achieve this apart, that soul relationship will bring you in some way to a level of unconditional love. Not love for that person but working through the karma.

It’s not until we work through these karmic relationships and reach a level of transcendence that we can step out of the karmic wheel.