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Are Your Past Lives Still Haunting You Today?

I was browsing the internet and came across a site and read a paragraph that sent shivers down my spine. The paragraph by Patricia L Walsh read: Our past life selves are not only characters in past dramas, but they also live within us today as ‘sub-personalities’. Their ‘unfinished business’ can make itself known through […]

Is Your Soulmate Still Stuck Back In Your Past Life?

Sounds like I’m talking about a Hollywood movie, but I’m not. I’m not talking about the Time Tunnel or The Time Traveller’s Wife, they’re just fantasy. As a Soul Healing practitioner I have encountered countless situations where someone can’t move on in this life and find a partner, and what I’ve found is a relationship […]

Are You In A Karmic Relationship?

If you’re reading this then yes, you are in a karmic relationship. You are on planet earth. And unless you live in a cave high up in the mountains with no friends or family or contacts then yes, you’re in a karmic relationship. So let’s define karma. Most people think of it as some kind […]