Is Your Soulmate Still Stuck Back In Your Past Life?

Sounds like I’m talking about a Hollywood movie, but I’m not.

I’m not talking about the Time Tunnel or The Time Traveller’s Wife, they’re just fantasy.

As a Soul Healing practitioner I have encountered countless situations where someone can’t move on in this life and find a partner, and what I’ve found is a relationship from a past life is blocking them. It’s not necessarily just that you have bad luck in relationships or that you don’t want a relationship. There can be other energies at play here.

We have many soulmates, not just one, but on an emotional level people often feel that they just can’t seem to find the right mate. As if something eludes them.

Another situation I encounter is that people feel the love of their life isn’t in this world. And there’s a longing, a sense that they can’t find that person and perhaps never will find them. They may know that it’s a mystical feeling. Perhaps even that their mate might be their Spirit Guide.

I don’t advise that people have relationships with dis-incarnate beings, after all we are here on the planet Earth having a human experience.

There will be a spiritual reason that a soul from a Past Life is hanging onto you energetically. Whether it be unfinished karma, or perhaps a vow you made together in that lifetime that’s still playing out for you at a soul level.

There are lots of various reasons that could be causing this soul to stay attached and there is no way that you need to put up with this now.

I’m not talking about being possessed, conjuring up images of The Exorcist movie.

But there are ways to move on from these relationships that aren’t serving us in this lifetime and clear the attachments we have to these souls from the past.

Time to let go and move on and free up your energy for this lifetime.