What Is Guided Meditation?

What is a guided meditation? This is a relatively simple question to answer and it is a simple way for people to enhance their health as well as mental well being. You do not need a lot of experience to achieve a beneficial meditative state, although having a coach can help to obtain the best benefits the fastest way and a Guided Meditation mp3 is the easiest way to do it in these busy times we live in.

We all need time to relax, and the fast paced world in which we live is often not the most conducive to a relaxed state of being. So it is necessary to make time and consciously pursue health related relaxation techniques. This time out for reflection has long been publicized as the best means to achieve rejuvenation as well as spiritual enlightenment but can be difficult to master if the subject has no idea where or how to get started.

Hence the reason for “guided meditation”, this way a guide or mentor can assist the participant to follow the direction of their own personal journey. These guides come in a variety of different formats, but by the most part are audio files which may come in MP3, CD or a similar audio type file. They may also be read out loud and the end goal is to be able to manifest a state of comfort, inspiration, relaxation or even a specific direction. We often read about LOA, or the laws of attraction working well with this form of contemplation as our vibration is affected by our level of relaxation or stress.

Regardless of what the particular goals to achieve, there are also various good side affects and these include but are not limited to: Stress relief, more normal breathing patterns, lowered blood pressure and heart rate, improved concentration, better self-esteem, improved memory, optimism, focus, imagination, clear thought processes and over-all better physical health too.

In a fully relaxed state of mind the physical body is able to self heal and repair, by the same token this limits any new damage taking place. The damage to the physical body caused by stress and or tension cannot be stressed enough, excuse the pun.

It does not take long for the beneficial effects of this form of deliberation to start showing tangible results, and often the subject feels better after only one half hour session. It stands to reason that the more sessions which take place, the better and stronger the advantages will be.

There are both long and short term gains from the process of guided meditation and regular practice is absolutely necessary. As far as a self help process is concerned, this has to be one of the best and it is a holistic area of development touted by every self help guru on the planet.

There are no religious connotations to meditation, although contemplation has always worked hand in hand with the more spiritual religions. It does not matter what the subjects’ personal beliefs or philosophies are, and it is of benefit to people of all ages. It is the perfect, cost effective, self help way to deal with the pressures of daily life in this modern world and everyone should try it.