What is Karma?

A basic explanation for karma is what you give out you get back. There are laws of the universe and what we put out, what we do, think or say, has a ripple effect in the universe and affects us. It may not be today or tomorrow, and it may not be this lifetime but we will get it back. So this can be a positive or negative influence.

From an Akashic Records angle, there are 2 types of karma.

Justified and unjustified.

Justified karma is karma we are working through as one of our life lessons. From a personality point of view it may not seem fair that we have this karma from past lives that is affecting us now, but we are only looking at it in that case from this
lifetimes perspective. From a soul progression point of view it stands to reason.

Unjustified karma is karma we have worked through but for various reasons it is still present in the Akashic Records as being something we are still paying for because we are either hanging onto the issue for fear that if we let it go it might come back and bite us in the butt, or because for some reason we didn’t go through a life review between lives.

We can heal Unjustified karma through accessing the Akashic Records. We can’t healing Justified karma, this has to be worked through as life lesson.