Who Can Access The Akashic Records?

Well really it’s very similar to the world wide web as an example again.


Everybody can access them.

You just need to be able to go into a deeper state of consciousness, but not so deep that youre in a trance.

In this day and age, especially on the internet, who hasn’t had access to guided meditation downloads. There’s even short meditations on youtube.

Guided meditation’s are probably the easiest way to access the Akashic Records.

There’s really only a few simple rules when it comes down to who can access the Akashic Records.

First is about your intention.

Really you have to have an honourable intention when going into the records.

There’s no point in going in to be nosey or find out what your ex is up to, or what your neighbour is really like.

You just won’t come up with any information.

So take that as a firm NO! You’re not allowed into that person’s record.

Access to places is another story, we are all keeper’s of this land we call Earth and the more we know about a place the more connected we are to it and the more we will honour it.

The Akashics Records are a great source of knowledge if you want to find out more about your Soul’s journey and how you came to be who you are today.